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Welcome to Sencha Touch Charts!

Sencha Touch Charts enables you to create interactive, HTML5 charts that look stunning on Android, Apple, and BlackBerry devices.

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Sencha Touch Charts features beautiful, hardware accelerated HTML5 charts that let you visualize complex data sets in an easy to use gesture based interface. Built on top of Sencha Touch and using the same core API as Ext JS, getting started is a breeze!

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Get Started

To make the most of the Touch Charts SDK, unzip the package in to any directory on your computer begin to read the Drawing and Charting Guide, and the Interactions Guide. The guides will give you a good overview of what's possible with Touch Charts and how to add custom interactions in to your project.

Take a Spin

Wondered what’s possible with Sencha Touch Charts? This Touch Charts SDK includes a whole suite of examples and sample apps. View with a desktop WebKit browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or with a mobile emulator such as those in the Android or Xcode SDKs.

Build Your First App

Try your hand at starting with a simple chart! Start with the Area simple Hello World example and get familiar with the structure and syntax of a Sencha Touch Chart inside of a Sencha Touch application.