Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.RC

Release Notes: Release Notes: February 21, 2012
Version Number: 2.0.0.RC

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.beta3

Release Notes: Release Notes: February 13, 2012
Version Number: 2.0.0.beta3

Special Notes:

Application dependency logic has been tweaked to allow more versatility in specifying dependencies from packages outside your application. As of this release any combination of local and external dependencies should be possible, but you'll need use Ext.Loader.setPath to specify where external dependencies can be found. See the updated Application class docs for sample usage.

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.beta2

Release Notes: Release Notes: February 8, 2012
Version Number: 2.0.0.beta2

Android 4 transitions are hampered by a bug reported to the Android team. Help get its attention by starring the issue.


Navigation View has been updated so the 'stack' is now based on the items config/collection. This means that if you define more than 1 item in a navigation view, the last item will always be the active item. The animation methods have also been removed from Navigaiton View. Instead, you should change the animation using the view.getLayout().setAnimation() setter instead, just like you would on a Ext.Container.

The signature returned in the callback configuration of Ext.util.JSONP#request has changed. Previously it only returned the JSON object. It now returns the success value (Boolean) as the first argument and then the JSON object as the second argument. The class has also been deprecated

The sencha-touch-debug.js shipped with Beta 2 now includes deprecated compatibility methods. Please remember that in order to use the smaller build without compatibility, you will need to fix any deprecation warnings you receive during development

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.beta1

Release Notes: Release Notes: February 1, 2012
Version Number: 2.0.0.beta1

Note: if you have been using the preview Preview Release builds of Sencha Touch, be aware that B1 ships with an updated set of built JavaScript files. There are now five builds in total, all of which are described in the builds and building guide.

As of beta 1 most people will need to update their PRx app to use sencha-touch-debug.js while developing, then switch to sencha-touch.js in production.

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.pr4

Release Notes: Release Notes: January 23, 2012
Version Number: 2.0.0.pr4

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.pr3

Release Notes: Release Notes: December 9, 2011
Version Number: 2.0.0.pr3

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.pr2

Release Notes: Release Notes: November 10, 2011
Version Number: 2.0.0.pr2

New In This Release

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 2.0.pr1

Release Notes: Release Notes: October 10, 2011
Version Number: 2.0.0.pr1

Initial release