Class RowNumberer<M>

  extended by com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.grid.ColumnConfig<M,M>
      extended by com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.grid.RowNumberer<M>
Type Parameters:
M -
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RowNumberer<M>
extends ColumnConfig<M,M>
implements ComponentPlugin<Grid<M>>

A ColumnConfig that provides an automatic row numbering column.

Code Snippet:

List<ColumnConfig<Data, ?>> ccs = new LinkedList<ColumnConfig<Data, ?>>();
    RowNumberer<Data> rn = new RowNumberer<Test.Data>(new IdentityValueProvider<Data>());
    ... add more column configs ...
    ColumnModel<Data> cm = new ColumnModel<Test.Data>(ccs);
    Grid<Data> g = new Grid<Data>(s, cm);

Nested Class Summary
static interface RowNumberer.RowNumbererAppearance
Constructor Summary
RowNumberer(IdentityValueProvider<M> valueProvider)
          Creates a row numberer.
Method Summary
 void initPlugin(Grid<M> component)
          Initializes the plugin.
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Constructor Detail


public RowNumberer(IdentityValueProvider<M> valueProvider)
Creates a row numberer. To use the row numberer, add it to a column model, create a grid with the column model and then invoke initPlugin(Grid) on the grid.

valueProvider - an identity value provider (e.g. new IdentityValueProvider()).
Method Detail


public void initPlugin(Grid<M> component)
Description copied from interface: ComponentPlugin
Initializes the plugin.

Specified by:
initPlugin in interface ComponentPlugin<Grid<M>>
component - the target component

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