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Uses of Fx in com.sencha.gxt.fx.client

Methods in com.sencha.gxt.fx.client with parameters of type Fx
 void FxElement.blink(Fx fx, int interval)
          Blinks the element.
 void FxElement.fadeToggle(Fx fx)
          Toggles the element visibility using a fade effect.
 void FxElement.scrollTo(Style.ScrollDirection side, int value, boolean animate, Fx fx)
          Scrolls this element the specified scroll point.
 void FxElement.setXY(int x, int y, Fx fx)
          Sets the elements position in page coordinates and animates using Move.
 void FxElement.slideIn(Style.Direction direction, Fx fx)
          Slides the element in.
 void FxElement.slideOut(Style.Direction direction, Fx fx)
          Slides the element out.

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