Class TreeGridDragSource<M>

  extended by com.sencha.gxt.dnd.core.client.DragSource
      extended by com.sencha.gxt.dnd.core.client.TreeGridDragSource<M>
Type Parameters:
M - the model type
All Implemented Interfaces:
DndDragCancelEvent.HasDndDragCancelHandlers, DndDragStartEvent.HasDndDragStartHandlers, DndDropEvent.HasDndDropHandlers

public class TreeGridDragSource<M>
extends DragSource

Enables a TreeGrid to act as the source of a drag and drop operation.

Use #setTreeSource(TreeSource) to specify whether leaf nodes, non-leaf nodes or both types of nodes can be dragged (defaults to DND.TreeSource.BOTH). The drag operation is cancelled if the user attempts to drag a node type that is not permitted.

The drag data consists of a list of items of type <M>. It is optimized to remove children of parents that are also in the list (i.e. if a parent is the subject of a drag operation then all of its children are implicitly part of the drag operation).

Constructor Summary
TreeGridDragSource(TreeGrid<M> widget)
          Creates a drag source for the specified tree grid.
Method Summary
 DND.TreeSource getTreeGridSource()
          Returns the tree grid associated with this drag source.
 TreeGrid<M> getWidget()
          Returns the source widget.
 void setTreeGridSource(DND.TreeSource treeGridSource)
          Sets the tree source (defaults to DND.TreeSource.BOTH).
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Constructor Detail


public TreeGridDragSource(TreeGrid<M> widget)
Creates a drag source for the specified tree grid.

widget - the tree grid to enable as a drag source
Method Detail


public DND.TreeSource getTreeGridSource()
Returns the tree grid associated with this drag source.

the tree grid associated with this drag source


public TreeGrid<M> getWidget()
Description copied from class: DragSource
Returns the source widget.

getWidget in class DragSource
the widget


public void setTreeGridSource(DND.TreeSource treeGridSource)
Sets the tree source (defaults to DND.TreeSource.BOTH).

treeGridSource - the tree source

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