Class GridDropTarget<M>

  extended by com.sencha.gxt.dnd.core.client.DropTarget
      extended by com.sencha.gxt.dnd.core.client.GridDropTarget<M>
Type Parameters:
M - the model type
All Implemented Interfaces:
DndDragCancelEvent.HasDndDragCancelHandlers, DndDragEnterEvent.HasDndDragEnterHandlers, DndDragLeaveEvent.HasDndDragLeaveHandlers, DndDragMoveEvent.HasDndDragMoveHandlers, DndDropEvent.HasDndDropHandlers

public class GridDropTarget<M>
extends DropTarget

Enables a Grid to act as the target of a drag and drop operation.

Use #setFeedback(Feedback) to specify whether to allow inserting items between rows, appending items to the end, or both (defaults to DND.Feedback.BOTH).

Use #setOperation(Operation) to specify whether to move items or copy them (defaults to DND.Operation.MOVE).

Constructor Summary
GridDropTarget(Grid<M> grid)
          Creates a drop target for the specified grid.
Method Summary
 Grid<M> getGrid()
          Returns the grid associated with this drop target.
Methods inherited from class com.sencha.gxt.dnd.core.client.DropTarget
addDragCancelHandler, addDragEnterHandler, addDragLeaveHandler, addDragMoveHandler, addDropHandler, disable, enable, getFeedback, getGroup, getOperation, getOverStyle, getWidget, isAllowSelfAsSource, isEnabled, release, setAllowSelfAsSource, setFeedback, setGroup, setOperation, setOverStyle
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Constructor Detail


public GridDropTarget(Grid<M> grid)
Creates a drop target for the specified grid.

grid - the grid to enable as a drop target
Method Detail


public Grid<M> getGrid()
Returns the grid associated with this drop target.

the grid associated with this drop target

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