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Packages that use DataProxy Contains data loading classes. 

Uses of DataProxy in

Classes in that implement DataProxy
 class HttpProxy<C>
          A DataProxy that retrieves data using a RequestBuilder instance.
 class RpcProxy<C,D>
          DataProxy implementation that retrieves data using GWT RPC.
 class ScriptTagProxy<C>
          A DataProxy that reads a data from a URL which may be in a domain other than the originating domain of the running page.
 class StorageReadProxy<C>
          A DataProxy that retrieves data from HTML5 browser based storage.
 class StorageWriteProxy<K,V>
          Proxy to push key/value string pairs into local html5 browser storage.

Uses of DataProxy in

Classes in that implement DataProxy
 class MemoryProxy<C,D>
          A DataProxy implementation that simply passes the data specified in the constructor to the reader when its load method is called.
 class RequestFactoryProxy<C,D>
          An abstract request factory proxy that supports processing results using either a RPC style Callback or a RequestFactory Receiver.

Methods in that return DataProxy
 DataProxy<?,?> Loader.getProxy()
          Returns the loader's data proxy.

Constructors in with parameters of type DataProxy
ListLoader(DataProxy<C,D> proxy)
          Creates a new loader instance with the given proxy.
ListLoader(DataProxy<C,T> proxy, DataReader<D,T> reader)
          Creates a new loader instance.
Loader(DataProxy<C,M> proxy)
          Creates a new base loader instance.
Loader(DataProxy<C,T> proxy, DataReader<M,T> reader)
          Creates a new loader with the given proxy and reader.
PagingLoader(DataProxy<C,D> proxy)
          Creates a new paging loader instance.
PagingLoader(DataProxy<C,T> proxy, DataReader<D,T> reader)
          Creates a new paging loader instance.
TreeLoader(DataProxy<M,java.util.List<M>> proxy)
          Creates a new tree loader instance.
TreeLoader(DataProxy<M,T> proxy, DataReader<java.util.List<M>,T> reader)
          Creates a new tree loader instance.

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