Class SubTreeStoreBinding<M,T extends TreeStore.TreeNode<M>>

  extended by<M,T>
Type Parameters:
M - the type of objects that populate the store
T - the type of TreeNode for the store
All Implemented Interfaces:
EventHandler, LoadHandler<M,java.util.List<T>>

public class SubTreeStoreBinding<M,T extends TreeStore.TreeNode<M>>
extends java.lang.Object
implements LoadHandler<M,java.util.List<T>>

Event handler for the LoadEvent fired when a Loader has finished loading data. It expects LoadEvent.getLoadConfig() to return a parent and LoadEvent.getLoadResult() to return a list of new children. It replaces the children of the given parent with the list of new children. The children are expected to be of type TreeStore.TreeNode. For children of type <M> see ChildTreeStoreBinding.

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
SubTreeStoreBinding(TreeStore<M> store)
          Creates a LoadEvent handler for the given TreeStore.
Method Summary
 void onLoad(LoadEvent<M,java.util.List<T>> event)
          Called after a load operation.
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Constructor Detail


public SubTreeStoreBinding(TreeStore<M> store)
Creates a LoadEvent handler for the given TreeStore.

store - the store whose events will be handled
Method Detail


public void onLoad(LoadEvent<M,java.util.List<T>> event)
Description copied from interface: LoadHandler
Called after a load operation.

Specified by:
onLoad in interface LoadHandler<M,java.util.List<T extends TreeStore.TreeNode<M>>>

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