Class ChildTreeStoreBinding<M>

  extended by<M>
Type Parameters:
M - the type of objects that populate the store
All Implemented Interfaces:
EventHandler, LoadHandler<M,java.util.List<M>>

public class ChildTreeStoreBinding<M>
extends java.lang.Object
implements LoadHandler<M,java.util.List<M>>

Event handler for the LoadEvent fired when a Loader has finished loading data. It expects LoadEvent.getLoadConfig() to return a parent and LoadEvent.getLoadResult() to return a list of new children. It replaces the children of the given parent with the list of new children. The children are expected to be of type <M>. For children of type TreeStore.TreeNode see SubTreeStoreBinding.

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
ChildTreeStoreBinding(TreeStore<M> store)
          Creates a LoadEvent handler for the given TreeStore.
Method Summary
 void onLoad(LoadEvent<M,java.util.List<M>> event)
          Called after a load operation.
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Constructor Detail


public ChildTreeStoreBinding(TreeStore<M> store)
Creates a LoadEvent handler for the given TreeStore.

store - the store whose events will be handled
Method Detail


public void onLoad(LoadEvent<M,java.util.List<M>> event)
Description copied from interface: LoadHandler
Called after a load operation.

Specified by:
onLoad in interface LoadHandler<M,java.util.List<M>>

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