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Packages that use Rectangle
com.sencha.gxt.core.client.dom Core utilities. 
com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client GXT widgets and other user-interface classes. 

Uses of Rectangle in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.dom

Methods in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.dom that return Rectangle
 Rectangle XElement.getBounds()
          Returns the elements bounds in page coordinates.
 Rectangle XElement.getBounds(boolean local)
          Returns the elements bounds in page coordinates.
 Rectangle XElement.getBounds(boolean local, boolean adjust)
          Returns the element's bounds in page coordinates.
 Rectangle XElement.wrap(Element wrapper)
          Wraps the element with the specified wrapper.

Methods in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.dom with parameters of type Rectangle
 void XElement.setBounds(Rectangle bounds)
          Sets the element's bounds.
 void XElement.setBounds(Rectangle bounds, boolean content)
          Sets the element's bounds.
 void XElement.unwrap(XElement child, Rectangle bounds)
          Unwraps the child element.

Uses of Rectangle in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.util

Constructors in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.util with parameters of type Rectangle
PreciseRectangle(Rectangle rectangle)
          Creates a double precision rectangle using the given Rectangle.

Uses of Rectangle in com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client

Methods in com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client with parameters of type Rectangle
 void Component.setBounds(Rectangle bounds)
          Sets the widget's size.

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