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Uses of DateWrapper in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.util

Methods in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.util that return DateWrapper
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.add(DateWrapper.Unit unit, int quantity)
          Provides a convenient method of performing basic date arithmetic.
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.addDays(int days)
          Returns a new DateWrapper with days added
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.addHours(int hours)
          Returns a new DateWrapper with hours added
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.addMillis(int millis)
          Returns a new DateWrapper with millis added
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.addMinutes(int minutes)
          Returns a new DateWrapper with minutes added
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.addMonths(int months)
          Returns a new DateWrapper with months added
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.addSeconds(int seconds)
          Returns a new DateWrapper with seconds added
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.addYears(int years)
          Returns a new DateWrapper with years added
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.clearTime()
          Returns a new instance with the time portion (hours/minutes/seconds/milliseconds) cleared.
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.clone()
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.getFirstDayOfMonth()
          Returns the first date of the month.
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.getLastDateOfMonth()
          Returns the last date of the month.
 DateWrapper DateWrapper.resetTime()
          Returns a new instance with the time portion (hours/minutes/seconds/milliseconds) reseted to 12am.

Methods in com.sencha.gxt.core.client.util with parameters of type DateWrapper
 boolean DateWrapper.before(DateWrapper dateWrapper)

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