Uses of Interface

Packages that use ResizableCell
com.sencha.gxt.cell.core.client Cell implementations for user interaction and input. 
com.sencha.gxt.cell.core.client.form Cell implementations for user data entry. 

Uses of ResizableCell in com.sencha.gxt.cell.core.client

Classes in com.sencha.gxt.cell.core.client that implement ResizableCell
 class AutoProgressBarCell
 class ButtonCell<C>
 class ProgressBarCell
 class ResizeCell<C>
          AbstractEventCell subclass which implements ResizableCell.
 class SliderCell
 class SplitButtonCell
 class TextButtonCell

Uses of ResizableCell in com.sencha.gxt.cell.core.client.form

Classes in com.sencha.gxt.cell.core.client.form that implement ResizableCell
 class CheckBoxCell
 class ComboBoxCell<T>
 class DateCell
 class FieldCell<T>
 class NumberInputCell<N extends Number>
 class PasswordInputCell
 class RadioCell
 class SpinnerFieldCell<N extends Number>
          A numeric cell with up / down arrows that increment / decrement the value.
 class TextAreaInputCell
 class TextInputCell
 class TimeFieldCell
 class ToggleButtonCell
 class TriggerFieldCell<T>
 class TwinTriggerFieldCell<T>
 class ValueBaseInputCell<T>
          A FieldCell which has an input element.

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