Class Summary
HttpProxy<C> A DataProxy that retrieves data using a RequestBuilder instance.
JsoReader<M,Base> Simple DataReader implementation to turn JSOs into AutoBeans automatically.
RpcProxy<C,D> DataProxy implementation that retrieves data using GWT RPC.
ScriptTagProxy<C> A DataProxy that reads a data from a URL which may be in a domain other than the originating domain of the running page.
StorageReadProxy<C> A DataProxy that retrieves data from HTML5 browser based storage.
StorageWriteProxy<K,V> Proxy to push key/value string pairs into local html5 browser storage.
StorageWriteProxy.Entry<K,V> Defines a key / value pair.
XmlReader<M,Base> A DataReader implementation that reads XML data and build it into the given AutoBean type, using other types from the given factory.
XmlReader.XmlSplittable A Splittable for XML data.

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