Resizable Examples

These examples show how to apply a floating (default) and pinned Resizable component to a standard element.

Note that the js is not minified so it is readable. See basic.js for the full source code.

Basic Example
This is a basic as you get. To resize the box, position your mouse anywhere near the bottom, right or border right edge of the box. This example uses the default "floating" handles.

Resize Me!
var basic = Ext.create('Ext.create', 'Ext.resizer.Resizer', {
        target: 'basic',
        width: 200,
        height: 100,

Wrapped Elements
Some elements such as images and textareas don't allow child elements. Prior to Ext JS 3.x, you had to wrap these elements and set up a Resizable with resize child. With Ext JS 3.x we made it a little easier for you and all you had to do was set "wrap:true". Now with Ext JS 4.x we go a step further and automatically detect if the element needs a wrap and wrap it for you.

Pinned Handles
Notice this example has the resize handles "pinned". This is done by setting "pinned:true".

Dynamic Sizing
If you don't like the proxy resizing, you can also turn on dynamic sizing. Just set "dynamic:true".

Here's a textarea that is wrapped (automatically), has pinned handles and has dynamic sizing turned on.

And look how simple the code is, even my grandma could write it.
var dwrapped = Ext.create('Ext.resizer.Resizer', {
    target: 'dwrapped',
    minHeight: 50,
    dynamic: true

Preserve Ratio
For some things like images, you will probably want to preserve the ratio of width to height. Just set preserveRatio:true.

var wrapped = Ext.create('Ext.create', 'Ext.resizer.Resizer', {
    target: 'wrapped',
    minHeight: 50,
    preserveRatio: true

To resize in fixed increments, specify the widthIncrement or heightIncrement options. The image below resizes (maintaining its aspect ratio) in increments of 20 pixels in both directions.

var snapping = Ext.create('Ext.resizer.Resizer', {
    target: 'croix-de-fer',
    width: 160,
    height: 120,
    minWidth: 160,
    minHeight: 120,
    preserveRatio: true,
    heightIncrement: 20,
    widthIncrement: 20

Transparent Handles
If you just want the element to be resizable without any fancy handles, set transparent to true.

var transparent = Ext.create('Ext.create', 'Ext.resizer.Resizer', {
    target: 'transparent',
    minHeight: 50,
    preserveRatio: true,

Customizable Handles
Resizable elements are resizable 8 ways. 8 way resizing for a static positioned element will cause the element to be positioned relative and taken out of the document flow. For resizing which adjusts the x and y of the element, the element should be positioned absolute. You can also control which handles are displayed by setting the "handles" attribute. The handles are styled using CSS so they can be customized to look however you would like them to.

This image has 8 way resizing, custom handles and preserved aspect ratio.
Double click anywhere on the image to hide it when you are done.

var custom = Ext.create('Ext.create', 'Ext.resizer.Resizer', {
    target: 'custom',
    minHeight: 50,
    preserveRatio: true,
    handles: 'all' // shorthand for 'n s e w ne nw se sw'

Images: graur codrin, Matt Banks, Lavoview (