CSS3 Ads Versus Flash Ads

Recently, Arne Bech wrote on the Sencha Blog about how he recreated three popular Flash banner ads using plain HTML and CSS3 Animations. This working draft of Arne's CSS3 ads works in newer WebKit browsers (Safari 4, Chrome 5, Mobile Safari) and degrades gracefully in Firefox and IE7+, displaying only the last frame of the animation.

Without inspecting the webpage, see if you can tell the CSS3 ad from the Flash ad and then click the link to reveal the answer. You might be surprised! (Jump back to the original article, CSS3 Ads Versus Flash Ads, on the Sencha Blog.)

Hertz Click to reveal the answer


Pay for standard.

Drive off in premium.

Get a free double upgrade
on Hertz weekend rentals.

Plus your regular
AAA discount.

Book Now


AAA Members:
Free double upgrade
on Hertz rentals

Flash Ad

HSBC Click to reveal the answer


The world's local bank
Can your business be a local business all around the world?
With offices in over 60 countries we can help navigate local laws, customs and risks.
Learn more>>

Flash Ad

Buick LaCrosse Click to reveal the answer

Flash Ad


We're so confident
 in the 2010 LaCrosse
We don't have to
 say another word about it.

"The LaCrosse just may be proof that Buick's best
days are yet to come...simply stunning on the inside..." CarandDriver.com, July 2009

"Buick sees Lexus on most counts
and raises on others." Motor Trend

"2010 Buick LaCrosse CXS...
Easily the best Buick sedan in a long time."
CarandDriver.com, July 2009

"LaCrosse could be a game-changer for Buick."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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